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You can never have too much of a good thing. That's why we made FLARESQUARE™ compatible with GoPro® mounts and accessories while offering an assortment of our own equipment.
Check them out below.


reflective head strap w/ mounting hardware

With the Reflective Head Strap, you can navigate the dark like a total boss while remaining completely hands free. Use this newfound freedom to practice "jazz hands" or wave goodbye to all the haters.

Additional features:
  • Reflective design for added safety
  • Adjustable to fit multiple cranium sizes
  • Mounting hardware includes 1/4-20 thread screw


reflective head strap w/ hard hat clips

It's time to put the FLARESQUARE to work. This must-have accessory features patent-pending clips that secure the strap to any hard hat, so you can put in some serious overtime even when the sun goes down.

Additional features:
  • Reflective design for added safety
  • Three clips ensure strap won't slide off hard hat
  • Adjustable to fit multiple cranium sizes
  • Does not come with head strap plate or mounting hardware


dual mount

With the Dual Mount, you can set up the FLARESQUARE and any compatible camera side by side, so impromptu filming at night just became easier. Now, instead of just telling your friends about your crazy adventures, you can show them!

Additional features:
  • Includes two 1/4-20 threads that secure your gear within two (2) three-prong mounts


chest strap

The Chest Strap fits comfortably over your shoulders and around your waist, placing the FLARESQUARE light squarely on your chest. This simultaneously frees up your hands and makes you look like a freight train on your nightly runs - and how cool is that?

Additional features:
  • Sturdy plastic buckle
  • Elastic shoulder and waist straps are fully adjustable
  • Lightweight design won't drag you down


mounting hardware

Without the Mounting Hardware, you’d need tape, a wad of chewing gum, and your sister’s hair tie to attach the FLARESQUARE to your favorite accessory. Your sister is definitely going to say NO, so just buy this easy-to-use hardware.

Additional features:
  • Includes two (2) two-prong mounts


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